Ms. Mighty Mouse

Location: 79th Street
Cast silicon bronze, polychrome patina
120" H x 48" W x 32" Diameter

Mice are stereotypically small and skittish rather than large and mighty. This monumental, androgynous character is powerfully posed on a squash; her armless stance creates a strong contrast. My intention with this piece was to ask, “Where do we go from here?”  We all passionately hope to create a better world to hand down to future generations.  Alas, as a global citizen, with the unwinding of everything meaningful to me, chaos prevails in a world torn by contradicting points of view, greed, and unchecked power; history repeats itself. In the most compelling city full of cultural wealth and diversity, sadly, the figure with broken arms is a metaphor for what we are powerless to grab on to, protect, and ultimately change.