All The World's A Stage

Location: 64th Street, Dante Park (through November 2018)
Cast silicon bronze, polychrome patina, cast polyurethane resin, glass mosaic, cast concrete, LED lighting
189.5" H x 52" Diameter

In conceiving “All The World’s A Stage,” placed in front of Lincoln Center on the small island of Dante Park, I wanted to incorporate and compliment both Philip Johnson’s “Time Sculpture” clock from 1999 and the 1921 statue of poet Dante Alighieri by Ettore Ximenes.  My mind’s eye saw the three monuments dancing together in the treetops above the passing pedestrians. For this reason, positioning my sculpture on a pedestal was the initial visualization for this sculpture.  In order to tantalize the crowds running to the ballet or leaving the opera, their minds already full of fantasy and inspiration, I felt I needed a bold statement, thus the glass mosaic seducing the ambient light. l also felt my narrative should take a bow to Lincoln Center. The tree-lady atop the pedestal holds an illuminated mask, suggesting a mysterious story, while the narrative, told in the mosaic covering the pedestal, also has a story that does not immediately reveal itself.